Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall at Hulls Gulch

Here are a few shots I grabbed on a recent hike at Hulls Gulch in North Boise. My Mom and I took my son out for a Sunday Hike (ok, it was more of a nature walk,) and I spent most of the time snapping pics. :) Connor spent most of the time chasing Grasshoppers, so I call it even. It was a wonderful day!

I just about piddled when I saw this!!! It was like these little ladies were just Waiting for me and my camera!!!

I have a "thing" for CrabApples. :) I LOVE the beautiful flowers that Cover my tree in the spring, but the tree at my house is HUGE and never holds its fruit until it ripens all the way...instead they dropp All over my driveway and car. There was a Small tree at the Foothills Learning Center that was covered in the gorgeous red fruit...

(What do you think, did I overdo it with the "Texture" on this one???)

I am entering these in the Kent Wheatley Photo Contest


  1. Well, you know I LOVE that ladybug pic!!!!!
    That was a "lucky" catch! ;)
    I might need that one ;)

  2. WOW!!! Amazing photos Rach! :)

  3. that photo of the ladybirds is amazing!! They are having a little party!! My son would love to see that! He loves ladybirds :)