Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Pumpkins...

For this week's Love Your Shot! Link-Up, my tip is to not be afraid of Post Processing, yes, you Can over do it, but sometimes you try an action or a effect that will amaze you with it's simplicity. For this Photo I ran the VampiraScope in Picnik just for giggles and I Loved the results.

Sweet Shot Tuesday is back at My 3 Boybarians! Link up your Sweet Shot from this week!


  1. Wow! This turned out looking super!! I love your tip, also!

  2. Looks great ... I love the vintage sort of feel it has :-)

  3. Ya know, I am so afraid of processing my photos. I wish I could just take the leap and do more. I tend to stay in the safe zone and just tweak the colors a bit.

    The simplicity of this shot and the slightly desaturated colors are perfect!!!

    Thanks for the TIP!

  4. Love the Pumpkins. They are one of my favorite things about fall. :)

  5. Wow! This is so pretty! It was one of the first links on LTS to jump out at me!

    Great colors and I love the composition. Wishing now I had some pumpkins to go play with! :)

  6. I really like this as well!


  7. The texture on the vines of that pumpkin is superb. I'm inspired to go to an actual patch next year to see what shots I can come up with. Thank you! (visiting from SST @m3b)