Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fire in the Sky

I saw a challenge on my 365 Project to use the "Bulb" Setting, I had seen the word bulb pop up on my camera's read out before when I was using a long shutter speed, but I thought it was some sort of error message, low and behold it is not an error, but a super cool setting that allows you to manually control how long the shutter stays long as you are holding the button down it takes the picture!!

It is the perfect setting for fireworks, so I knew I had to play around. Unfortunately my tripod is missing a piece and I was not going to the big fireworks display. I was not going to let that hold me back though. So here are my hand held, driveway fireworks shots...

This is a sparkling fountain, I framed the shot to the right of the main fountain to just get the sparks along the side and not the big stream coming up the middle.

This is the one shot I got of a large one exploding high in the sky, only a few of the local town display made it over the roof line, so I didn't have many chances, You can see the effects of not having a tripod in the squiggly lines...but I actually like the effect! :)

One of our fountains fell over and was shooting things sideways just above the pavement...I like the way it almost looks industrial, like a welding shot or something

This last one is my favorite, again just a ground fountain, I just love the colors on this one and with the tight framing it almost looks like a big finale in the sky rather than a little fountain!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th!!!!

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  1. These are really cool shots! You did a great job with the "Bulb" setting. The fountain photos all look like fireworks, and I really like the squiggly lines in the second photo of fireworks!

  2. The last one is my favorite. Great choice for this week's skywatch.

  3. These are awesome!! I use the bulb setting on my camera a lot for night shots. Along with your tripod, it also really helps to have a remote shutter control... so you don't shake the camera holding down the shutter.

  4. Beautiful shots. Happy sky watching.

    My Sky.

  5. Very nice unusual captures of fireworks. The last one is fantastic!

  6. These are stunning! Would love for you to come and link up your 4th of july photos here: