Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Crabapple Tree...

Welcome to my new blog! As if I didn't have enough, right?? But I wanted a place to put my photography stuff, separate from my other crafty here it is, "Taken My Way!"

My favorite thing about my house is the Huge Crab apple tree next to it, in the Summer it can get messy with crab apples falling all over the driveway, but the Spring flowers are So worth any sweeping I have to do. The buds come on a Deep Fuchsia color and then out come these amazing pink and salmon and blush blossoms. They cover the tree and when they are spent and the wind blows it is like a pink snow storm!

I took this photo last spring (2009)

I took the original photo with a Digital Point and Shoot (Olympus FE230) and did the post processing in PhotoSuite. As you can see I softened the photo quite a bit and toned down the colors to give it a softer look.
Thanks for looking!

He who plants a tree, plants hope. ~Lucy Larcom

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