Friday, July 30, 2010

Fix It Friday...

Do you love photography and post processing as much as I do??? Then you HAVE to check out i heart faces! There are so many wonderful tools, challenges, friend Michelle writes some of the tutorials and I have learned So much from her! (You should check out her new site love that shot, it is an Amazing resource for photography and post processing information!)

One of the things i heart faces does is a weekly "Fix It Friday" Challenge, they give you a picture and you fix it...however you is just a way to practice your skills. I don't have PhotoShop, so I did mine in PhotoSuite, but I plan to get PhotoShop soon and will be using the Fix it Friday challenges to bone up on how it all woks.

For my "fix" I added some boost and played around with the contrast and saturation, then I added an edge effect called "Vignette" and rounded the edges, I almost left it at that, but in the end I decided to throw in a Focus Soften...that leaves one spot sharp and softens all around it...that way I could really call attention to her beautiful face.

Here is a look at the changes...
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