Friday, August 13, 2010

Fix It Friday...

It's Friday and that means Fix-It Friday on! This week they have an Adorable picture of a little boy is little red polo shirt...Adorable little boy and a great we get to play with it! :)


I cropped the photo to take out the shoulder of the other little boy...then I warmed the entire photo to remove the hint of blue in his face and to redden up the shirt. I also boosted the entire photo and added a vingnette edge, then I did a quick Focal Soften on the face so everything else just becomes background. (all edits made using Picnik)

I really like how the edits brought out his eyes and made the shirt more vibrant. I worry a little that I blew out the nose area too much...what do you think?

Fix #1

For this one I cropped it a bit more, did the same warming then played a little with the available effects Picnik has to offer, I ended up with a little Focal Soften and the "60's Effect" with this one, I could play all day in Picnik!!! :)

Fix #2:

Thanks for looking...more of my own photos coming soon!


  1. love that last one! it looks awesome.

  2. Love them both, the last one is especially great. I am a Picnik user too!