Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Apple of my Eye...

I love taking photographs of flowers, plants, rocks and fruit...I go on vacation and get millions of pictures of the flora and maybe 2 pictures of myself there With the flora...*shakes head sadly*

When we took a family day trip to Weiser to pick Jonathon Apples (The Best apples on Earth!!!) I had a great time photographing the beautiful Fall fruit. This is one my favorite images from that day...my Mom even painted a wonderful oil painting for her kitchen from it...

I did all of the Post Processing for this using Picnik!!! (Except the watermark which was a quick add in PhotoSuite) Have you ever tried Picnik? This was all the Free stuff...I bet the Premium is Super Fun!!!

Thanks for looking!!

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  1. I was going back and looking at your posts, and I just had to say that the premium picnik is truly amazing! For the past few months, since upgrading all my computers to Windows 7, I have been doing all of my post production in picnik and Gimp. I normally work in PS CS4, but I don't have it for 7 yet. Picnik Premium is totally worth the $24.95 / year!!