Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rally to Save the American Dream...

This past Saturday there was a Nationwide Rally at Capitol buildings and in other large cities to show support for the Wisconcin Public Employees. Here in Boise we had a good sized crowd of around 400 people show up. The speakers were wonderful and the energy was high. It was a wonderful day!!

I grabbed some shots from the crowd, mostly of some of the more creative signs, but I couldn't resist a shot of the Capitol building, as well.

My Mom has been to many rallies in her day...I won't lie, we are a pretty vocal, political family and my Mom was coming of age in the 60's. ;) This was her first rally in Years, though! I had to take this pic and do some fun post processing to give it that 60's Vibe! :)

After about 45 minutes of speeches and chanting this pup, who had been nosing around the entire time, finally got fed up and found a spot of sun to take a little Dog Nap!

Here are a few of my favorite signs...

(click to enlarge image)

This one is for the Idahoans, our own Education Bill is in the State Senate and includes reduced Collective Bargaining and Free Laptops for all students...

And one more for the Idahoans...

(The cardboard sign in the back says "Badgers Yes, Otter No")

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  1. wow! nice shots...I love the first photo the most...I've been to Boise a long time ago. Glad to be here. Hope you can check out my ENTRY too!