Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pretty Pink Flowers...

Every year I see a gorgeous bush with coral flowers growing on it and I want one. This year I saw the same flowers on a tree. I made a U-turn and had my son hop out and grab some of the flowers so I could identify them. I still haven't, so if you know what this is Please comment and let me know! :)

Photo taken with RetroCam App on Droid

Photo taken with RetroCam App on Droid

As I was trying to identify the flowers my friend mentioned Crab Apples and I decided to play with some shots I had from last spring.

All Post Processing done on Picnik

So what do you think? Are the pretty flowers up top the same as
the Crab Apple tree I already have? The tree/bush I see in
the neighborhood is MUCH smaller than my Huge tree,
but maybe it is just a different variety?

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