Thursday, May 5, 2011

Afternoon with Nature...

I recently took an afternoon and went to the MK Nature Center with my son, he loves the fish behind the glass and the chance to search the big pond for the massive Sturgeon that live there. (No luck this trip, they must still be sleeping in the deep waters.)

I took along my new "Big Girl Camera" and got some shots of the Spring Greenery and flowers.

I'm not sure what this bush is, but the budding flowers were so pretty in this pre-blossom stage...

The next picture is my contribution to this week's Skywatch Friday Link Up

Some gorgeous blossoms (Cherry? Apple?) I loved this tree and spent quite a lot of time snapping pics of the branches.

A closer shot of the blossoms, I can't get enough of these and they Smell Amazing!!!

A lovely field of Phlox, I need some of this for a weed infested patch in my side yard...

And some Periwinkle (Vinca?) too, they seem to spread and fill in well in the spring...much better than the burs I have now! :)

Thanks for stopping by and seeing things "Taken My Way."


  1. Such gorgeous captures.

    My Skywatch, please come and see.

  2. Lovely shots of all the blossoms--isn't spring a wonderful time of year!!!! Have a nice weekdend. Mickie :)

  3. I can think of no better place to spend an afternoon with a child than a nature center. The blossoms are lovely but probably not as interesting to a child as our the fish and bugs.

  4. All beautiful photos. I love tree blossoms though am not sure what kind those are. I take oodles of photos of tree blossoms too ;-) Happy Skywatch Friday!

  5. these are lovely images...thank you for sharing!

  6. Very pretty; it's nice to see some color after the long winter! Thanks for visiting mine. Enjoy!